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Lamp Cord Covers

Best if gathered to 4 ½ft to 5ft for a nice gathered look. 

Don't be fooled by imitators!

DESIGNER CORDS patented TUBE APPLICATION is the only lamp cord cover that allows for QUICK & EASY installation!

No more fumbling trying to get the prongs through a 9ft long cover with a 2in opening. No tying to sticks & having the plug slip off getting stuck in the middle of the cover!

With Designer Cords Lamp Cord Covers, all you do is insert the plug all the way through the tube, slide the fabric completely off, discard the tube & secure ends to lamp base and plug with attached adhesive. View our video application.

Designer Cords patented tube application even allows you to shorten your cords without having to rewire your lamps. View our video application.

Now instead of having a messy 6ft lamp cord you can tuck it into our cord cover making neat and attractive at 2ft long. To shorten a lamp cord you just gather the electrical cord, insert into our patent pending tube application and slide the fabric completely off the tube.

You can cut Designer Cords in shorter lengths and use the extra length to cover another cord. To make your Designer Cord shorter remove desired length of Designer Cord off the tube, cut fabric, place fabric back on tube for easy application and apply as instructed.




• 2in x 9ft
• Perfect for 2-prong plugs
• Covers 1 cord

• 2 1/2in x 9ft 
• Used for 3-prong plugs
• Cover Chandelier Chains before installation
• Multiple cord groupings

View our video application.

Only Designer Cords Covers are made of high quality
fabrics Dupioni Silk, Linen or Velvet in over 26 colors.

SALE PRICE: $32.50 $25.00 *Free Shipping & Handling

Easy to clean – just dust as you would a lamp shade or Dry Clean Only

Use ONLY on UL approved electrical cords


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Our Price: $32.50
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